Hilary Duff is signed with RCA, you can pre-order “Chasing The Sun" now!

I'm making a thing that's important, can you please tell me your favourite Lauren quotes? (:


"my boyfriend, yes my boyfriend" -Lauren Jauregui

"yeah, my boyfriend" -Lauren Jauregui

"i’m just kidding i have a boyfriend!" -Lauren Jauregui

"i went with my boyfriend" -Lauren Jauregui

"my boyfriend" -Lauren Jauregui 

Ma'am are your calling us californians, arrogant?

No but ur all different also why are dogs allowed in target here

Go follow me on insta if ur cool bc I revived it after basically forgetting about making one 🙊

Hello! I read your post about San Francisco, I'm from there and I love the city. I moved 8 years ago and it was sometimes difficult because of some of the things you said, but give the city a shot. Maybe explore more of it. There are many different people and not everybody is all into farmers market and organic food haha :) Have a great time! And I love your blog <3

Aw this is such a sweet message and don’t worry it’s just very different than where I’m from but I’m still having a rly amazing time

Explain the instagram post

There are six people and one of the girls tagged in the picture commented “triple date!!” that could literally be nothing tho but it’s funny someone found that