where is she now???

where is she now???

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Anonymous said: What was the problem with Vero though? Wasn't it along the same lines? Not the homophobic comments, but using Lauren for attention or something?

nah vero never said anything bad she was just rly annoying like two of laurens friends vero and lucy started getting rly pumped up from all the attention and stuff and they even made videos for their “fans” bc everyone was finding out about lauren’s wild miami party girl life and wanted to know more and people shipped them and called it vercy it was as big as camren back in good ol jan-march 2013 when fifth harmony had the horrid dry spell 

omg no and yeah me2 i just think its sad tho bc camila has been rly open about how she didn’t have many friends and the rly close ones she did have treat her like crap


"Never let anyone change who you are. I have truly learned that life is a gift from god and we must live it to the fullest”


once you start filling in your eyebrows you never go back