JoshDevineDrums: This is why there’s going to be no sleep again tonight..

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I need Bernice to take out Lauren Jauregui

April 24th 4
Q: Is it sad that when Lauren does something it doesn't even phase me? It's just like what else is new? -Anonymous

Me2 but did she actually do something new i haven’t rly kept up the past few days her bitch fits are the only things interesting during their breaks

April 24th 1
Q: The fans think lauren's rudeness is sassiness and I find it annoying -Anonymous

Did she do something new

April 24th
Q: Maddy who you forget who exists, her birthday is in 5 hours!!! -Anonymous

Jokes on u I’ve had an alarm set for like a month!

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Jay Z + Blue

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Girls by the 1975 Color Palettes 

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make me choose → anonymous asked Blair and Serena or Brooke and Haley

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